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What Makes Farmville Special


Farmville has a wonderful quality of life exemplified by a vibrant downtown, surrounded by lovely residential neighborhoods of well kept homes and manicured lawns.  You are always met by a smiling face in Farmville.

Open a Business in Farmville


The Downtown shopping district is seeing a major renaissance and the industrial park is seeing growth and expansion.  Our workforce is very good and Farmville is a destination for most of eastern North Carolina.

Move to Farmville


Housing options abound along the oak shaded streets and the many newer neighborhoods in Farmville.  Newer apartments have been added in the downtown areas.


Vibrant Downtown


The compact business district is lined with antique stores and small boutiques.  Downtown dining includes the local steakhouse and numerous other smaller venues.  Live music is usually found at the Plank Road and Pour Haus Pub

Shark Tank


The Farmville Shark Tank is open to all ideas but has a particularly emphasis on the downtown area.  There is particular interest in a hardware store, boutique hotel or bed and breakfast,  food and beverage and apparel.  Please contact us through this website for upcoming shark tank events

Booming Art Community


Once a small tobacco town,  Farmville is now home to one of the largest art communities east of Raleigh.  The  ECU GlasStation and the sleek new Art Space are bursting with talented young artist.


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We are a grassroots economic development organization composed of local business men trying to  improve and motivate our community.    We are making changes in the way people see Farmville.  If you are interested or we can help you , please contact us.

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